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031 An Urban Forest Clearing

Meeting place: the round tile in the middle of Zion Square

The architects Maya Atidia, Maayan Takkie Carmel and Tamir Manzur Carmel, who were in charge of the new design of Zion Square as an “urban forest clearing,” will talk about the ideas and planning principles that underpin the new design, while also reviewing the history of the square and the types of uses that have been made of it and the activities held there. During the tours, they will explain the importance of planting mature trees in the public space and the challenges faced when doing so.

The design won first prize in the Zion Square planning competition.

The project was carried out by the Jerusalem Municipality through Eden – The Jerusalem Center Development Company.

Accessible eventAccessible event
Reservations not required

2 open tours. Reservations not required.

Reservations not required
Thursday, 18.11, 14:30
Friday, 19.11, 14:30

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