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102 Gazelle Park

Meeting place: the park's main parking lot; the entrance is from Shahal St. next to the fire house

Building architects: Weinstein Vaadia Architects; Landscape architecture: Rachelle Wiener Landscape & Architecture, 2015

Come and get acquainted with Gazelle Park, the largest urban nature site in Jerusalem. The tours will recount the story behind the park, including the campaign waged by local residents and the planning process that was spearheaded by the public. The tours will also describe the water system that facilitates stormwater harvesting for reuse by wild animals. Additionally, participants will be able to observe the gazelle herd that is currently being rehabilitated.

The hourlong tours will be led by members of the planning team and staff from the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel. They will share the experiences they had when planning and designing this unusual public space, the first of its kind in Israel, which aims to create an experience where humans encounter nature in a distinct urban setting. 

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