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127 Zichron Menachem Day Center

10 Leo Wiseman St., Bayit VeGan

Architects: Oster Lang Architects, 2003

Tours of a center that was built for children with cancer as well as their parents and siblings. It provides them with social, educational and rehabilitation support services. The center has rooms for games and other recreational activities, alongside classrooms, a clinic, and rooms where the children can rest or receive rehabilitation therapies and alternative medicine treatments. Come and see how architecture and interior design can create inviting and hopeful spaces.

Accessible eventAccessible event
Reservations not required

4 open tours. Reservations not required.

Reservations not required
Friday, 19.11, 09:00
Friday, 19.11, 10:00
Friday, 19.11, 11:00
Friday, 19.11, 12:00

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