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098 Lev Student Dorms

21 HaVa'ad HaLeumi St.

Architects: Molho Architects, 2021

The architect Jacob Molho, who designed the new student dorms at Lev Academic Center, leads these tours of a building which illustrates how contemporary architecture can comply in a novel way with the requirement to use Jerusalem stone for the facade. This was achieved by using a double-skin facade: a light outer shell that floats on the exterior walls that are covered with dark metal panels. During the hourlong tours, Molho will familiarize participants with the dorms, which are built in the form of four tall blocks comprised of 48 housing units, intended for around 200 students. They are situated on a campus that extends across an area of about 19 acres, located on the eastern slopes of the Bayit VeGan neighborhood.

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