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077 A Revolution!

Meeting place: the front lobby of VERT Hotel (formerly the Crowne Plaza), south of the International Convention Center; the entrance is from HaNassi HaShishi Boulevard

The entrance to the city and Kiryat HaLeom (the National Quarter) are currently undergoing a dramatic physical transformation. It is founded on a significant conceptual and planning change that affects the relationship between the government buildings and the public space – from a space appropriated by the government buildings and closed to the public to an inviting pedestrian mall lined with shops in which the government buildings have been incorporated.

The architect Yanai Apelbaum from the Jerusalem City Architect team leads this tour, which will highlight the questions dealing with urban character and identity that occupied the planners when designing the open Kiryat HaLeom government space. Apelbaum will also talk about the conceptual changes that occurred in the relationship between the urban and the local, on the one hand, and the governmental and the national, on the other, and how they manifest themselves in the future design plans for the space.

The three-hour tour will start with a view from the roof of VERT Hotel. The roof is not accessible to persons with physical disabilities and its maximum occupancy is 30 people. The tour will continue from there to the accessible public space (in the local topography), where there is no limit on the number of participants, and end next to Cinema City.

Reservations not required

Open tour. Reservations not required.

Reservations not required
Thursday, 18.11, 09:00

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