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039 J Tower

Meeting place: 86 Jaffa Rd.

Architect: Guy Igra Architects, 2019

A tour led by the architect, Guy Igra, who designed Tower J, which is one of the most prominent high-rise buildings that currently form Jerusalem’s skyline. It is part of a compound comprised of a commercial ground floor space, boutique hotel, apartments and buildings that have been designated historical landmarks. Igra will talk about the complexities characterizing the project, which includes different types of new structures and ones that are scheduled to be restored. He will also point out the challenges arising from compliance with the law governing the use of Jerusalem stone in high-rise construction.

During the tour, participants will also go up to the penthouse apartment.

Accessible eventAccessible event
Reservations are required

Advance reservations required; the tour is limited to 30 participants.

Reservations are required
Thursday, 18.11, 16:00No availability
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