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131 Villa Brown

54 HaNevi'im St.

Original architect: unknown, end of the 19th century; Architecture and restoration: Baer, Shifman-Nathan Architects (lead architect: Miki Cohen Magen); Interior design: Morris Algazi; Interior decor: Ariela Gluck and Leon Avigad, 2017

A tour with Shachaf Segal, the Brown hotels spokes lady, at this historical stone building which was converted into a stylish boutique hotel. Its design was inspired by colonial motifs that seek to revive the Ottoman zeitgeist of the period of its construction as well as the hedonist atmosphere that characterized European colonialism in the Holy Land. During the 40-minute tours, Avigad will recount the story of the Jewish physician Yitzhak (Gregory) Amcislavsky – better known as Dr. D’Arbela – who was the first to live in the original villa. He will also describe the metamorphoses the building has undergone in the 150 years of its existence and the architectural challenges inherent in its restoration and conversion into a hotel.

Historical landmark/tour dealing with preservationHistorical landmark/tour dealing with preservation
Reservations are required

Advance reservations required; the tours are limited to 30 participants.

Reservations are required
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