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24 The House on Yiftach Street

13 Yiftach St., Baka

Architect: Matti Rosenshine Architects, 2019

A visit at a new three-story building in the heart of the Baka neighborhood, whose design entailed a number of challenges: finding a way to include four housing units and an underground parking lot on the small and triangular lot on which the building is situated, preserving the original façade dating back to the 1930’s and incorporating it in the new building, and conserving most of the trees on the lot. The tours with the architect Matti Rosenshine will talk about the building that was ultimately constructed, with its telescopic triangular shape that manages to make maximum use of the lot’s features and blend in harmoniously with the architectural language of the neighborhood.

Historical landmark/tour dealing with preservationHistorical landmark/tour dealing with preservation
Reservations are required

Each of the 5 tours is limited to 15 participants

Reservations are required
Saturday, 2.11, 10:00No availability
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Saturday, 2.11, 10:20No availability
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Saturday, 2.11, 11:00No availability
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