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084 The Art of Meeting

Feel-Beit, 4 Naomi St., below Yes Planet and above the Sherover Promenade

An open house and tours at Feel-Beit – the new home of Mekudeshet, which is situated at the meeting point between the eastern and western parts of the city. Feel-Beit is an open house for art and art lovers, which fosters interactions, learning, in-depth study, discussion and listening to one another. 

The venue is furnished and decorated with items that came from the homes of the staff and, like them, represent segments, layers and tiers of culture and history. They convey the complexities of Jerusalem and the aspirations and dreams of its residents. During the visit, members of the organization will recount the story and vision behind Feel-Beit and invite guests to enjoy artistic audio experiences.

Participation in the audio tours is based on availability. 

Throughout the weekend opening hours, the bar will be open, as will the patio, where people can sit and look out on the landscape.


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