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016 The Garden Tomb

Conrad Schick Lane, accessed from Nablus Rd., about 200 meters north of Damascus Gate if coming from Highway 1 (for those arriving by car, it is advisable to park in the lot across from the Legacy Hotel)

Guided tours of a well-tended garden at a holy site sacred to Protestants and Evangelists, who believe it once belonged to Joseph of Arimathea and is where Jesus was buried after his crucifixion (and not in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre as Catholics and members of the Orthodox churches hold to be true). Managed and maintained by a British charitable trust named the Garden Tomb Association, the garden contains a number of lush alcoves that are used for prayer and to perform Christian rites in an outdoor atmosphere. The garden also features a huge rainwater cistern dating back to the Crusader period, an ancient wine press, and a dual-chamber burial cave. The 15-minute tours will talk about the history of the site and its significance to the pilgrims who come there.

Guided tours in Hebrew and English will start every 30 minutes.

Reservations not required

Open garden and open tours. Reservations not required.

Reservations not required
Thursday, November 18th, 9:00-12:00 (the last tour will start at 11:30)
Friday, November 19th, 9:00-12:00 (the last tour will start at 11:30)
Saturday, November 20th, 9:00-13:00 (the last tour will start at 12:30)

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