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116 The Food Rescuers Facility

3 HaShuk St., Givat Shaul. Waze: Food Rescuers House

A visit at the hub of the Jerusalem Food Rescuers operation, which is located in the wholesale produce market in Givat Shaul. It tells the story of one link on the food chain – about all the people who take part in it. Apart from becoming acquainted with the founders of the project, whose aim is to rescue fresh produce about to be discarded and distribute food baskets, visitors can also get to know and experience what goes on in the market via a gallery of images of the people and buyers active in Jerusalem’s wholesale produce market: farmers, distributors, truck drivers, shopkeepers, janitors, forklift operators, record keepers, accountants, security guards, Food Rescuers volunteers, the market’s management, consumers and vegetable collectors. Visitors will also see the changing “produce journey” wall, which displays the journey taken by fresh produce.

Reservations not required

Open house. Reservations not required.

Reservations not required
Thursday, November 18th, 14:00-20:00

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