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103 How Do You Design a Home for Wild Animals?

Meeting place: the plaza at the entrance to the Biblical Zoo, 1 Aharon Shulov St.

Architects: Lenny Raviv Architects and Miller – Blum Environmental Planning, 1993

Designing homes and living spaces for animals necessitates an in-depth understanding of diverse facets specific to each type of animal: the size of the living space they require, how it should be adapted to their ‘natural’ worlds, their character, life cycle, etc. In addition to all the latter, designing a zoo also necessitates an understanding of how visitors make their way around the space and of the different messages that the site wants to convey during the visit. This special tour led by Nili Avni-Magen, the Biblical Zoo’s Zoological Director and Chief Veterinarian, will discuss the challenges inherent in designing a zoo, the thinking that went into it, and the actual implementation of the ideas at the zoo, including dozens of displays spread across a huge area of roughly 100 acres, located on the eastern slopes of Nahal Refaim.

Tour participants must be at least 12 years old and only those who signed up in advance will be allowed to enter the zoo. The tour may be cancelled in the event of inclement weather.

Reservations are required

Advance reservations required; the tour is limited to 25 participants.

Reservations are required
Thursday, 18.11, 15:00No availability
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