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The Van Leer Institute.
43 Zabotinsky Street.
Friday, 19.9, 10:30.  
Accessabile Tour
Architects: Shimon Povezner, David Reznik, 1962.
Meet and tour with architect David Reznik, in on of the most impressive building in Jerusalem built in the second half of the 20th century. The meeting will include a tour in the building and a lecture in the auditorium, on the Institute’s campus design and construction process.
Open Meeting, Pre-registration NOT required.
Shoval House.
11 Aba Hilkiya Street, Katamon.
Friday, 19.9, 14:00-18:00.  
Inaccessabile Tour
Architect: Nava Lifshitz, 1994.
Open house at the Shoval family home - a small arabic house in Katamon. The house underwent massive renovation - by altering the garden level, the house’s small spaces could be harmoniously conjoined, creating a natural, organic connection between outdoors and indoors.
Open house. Pre-registration NOT required.
Behind the Scenes of the Jerusalem Theatre
20 Marcus st.
Friday, 19.9, 9:00    ,11:00.  
Accessabile Tour
Architects: Nadler-Nadler-Bickson
Main wing, 1971, Second wing, 1986.
Two tours in the four walls and vestibules of the Jerusalem Theatre, behind the scenes and in their front: Sherover Hall, the concert hall, the auditorium and the small hall, stages, control rooms, dress rooms and more.
This is an opportunity to grasp the magnitude of the space required for the operation of a theatre hall.
2 tours, each limiter to 40 pre-registered guests.
* each tour runs approx. one hour.
The Shalom House.
20 Ehad Ha’am St., Talbia.
Friday, 19.9, 10:00-17:00; Saturday, 20.9, 10:00-19:00.  
Inaccessabile Tour
Architect: Zoltan Hermet, 1934-5.
Advocate Shalom Horowitz was one of Eretz Israel’s leading lawyers during the British mandate on Palestine. This is an open house in his home, which was bequeathed upon his death to Keren Hayesod and today serves as a rare exemplar of typical contemporary Jerusalem upper-middle class life-style. This house exudes elegance and multi-culturalism, boasting a spectacular entrance with a Damascus ceiling, bought by Shalom in Damascus, and a beautifully cultivated garden that include 2 cedar trees brought from Lebanon. The drawing room on the ground level used to be a social-musical “Salon”.
Open House. Pre-registraion NOT required.
Preservation in the German Colony.
Meeting point: Gan HaPa’amon gas station.
Saturday, 20.9, 10:00am.  
Accessabile Tour
Historical Tour guided by Rafi Kfir. The tour will pass through the colony’s houses, which were originally built by the Templars in typical German village stle (albeit with local materials), and will highlight how historical and ethnographic changes the colony underwent, are reflected in its buildings.
Open tour. Pre-registration NOT required.
12 Derech Hevron St.
Friday, 19.9, 16:00-19:00, and Saturday, 20.9, 11:-17:00.  
Architect: Clifford Holiday, 1927.
Visit this romantic building, originally designed to serve as the outpatient day-clinic of Saint John’s Hospital (currently Har Zion Hotel) which is located across the street and connected by an underground passage. Today, the building’s spaces, positioned around a communal patio, serve as artists workshops. In the patio you will find, among other things, a fountain and a room whose walls are covered with 180 years old hand-crafted Armenian ceramics.
Open house. Pre-registration NOT required.
Guided Tours in the building: Friday at 16:00, 17:00, 18:00.
Saturday at 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00 and 16:00.
Government Publishing House
24 Hebron road
Friday, 19.9, 10:00,   10:45,   11:30.  
Accessabile Tour
Architect: Austen St. Barbe Harrison, 1934; Conservation and renovation architects: Plesner Architects, 2008.
Three half-hour tours with architect Maya Plesner in on of the most intriguing projects in Jerusalem today: a house built by the Brits in the International Style, serving as the government’s publishing house until the 1980’s. After years of standing in abandon and neglect, it was renovated and conserved by JVP as an office building for its technology greenhouse and animation company.
3 tours, each limited to 30 pre-registered guests.
The Gerber Family House
19 Yishai St., Abu Toor
Saturday, 20.9, 12:00-17:00.  
Inaccessabile Tour
Architect: Unknown, appendage and interior design: Efrat and Danny Gerber, 2002.
Open house in the beautiful home of a couple who is invested in small scale construction in Jerusalem, such as the house they built for themselves, inside an old building that used to be Nurses Housing in the 1950s and later, offices of Hamelitz organization. The house is situated above a water reservoir (used today as a play room) and includes bedrooms, a living rooms and a lush garden.
Open House. Pre-registration NOT required.
The Blum house, Alvin Israel.
20 Henrietta Solde st., Kiryat Yovel.
Friday, 19.9, 10:00    and 11:00.  
Accessabile Tour
Architects: Selma Millson Arad-Avner Simon, 2007.
Visit the boarding school which used to be known as “The Swedish Village” - Tour the new residence hall located in a campus of three boarding schools, dedicated to people with special needs. This is an opportunity to learn about therapeutic sensibility based architecture, allowing for a very accessible campus to be built on a problematic topography.
2 tours, each limited to 20 pre-registered guests.
The International Christian Embassy
20 Rachel Imenu, Old Katamon.
Friday, 19.9, 10:00-13:00.   
Inaccessabile Tour
Unkonwn architect, 1940’s.
Come see the house that was built in the 1940 by a Circassian constructor - serving since then the Czechoslovakian Embassy, the Ivory Coast Consulate, the Hartman Institute and (currently) the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem. This house boasts a magnificent entrance gate, a royal stairway, meticulous wooden details and a date tree in the front.
Open house. Pre-registration NOT required.
Natural History Museum (Villa Dekan).
6 Mohaliver, Hamoshava HaGermanit.
Saturday, 20.9, 10:00-14:00.  
Accessabile Tour
Architect: Unkonwn, 19th Century.
Come see a mansion inside a splendid estate, surrounded by a huge garden, built by a rich unknown Armenian merchant. Throughout the years, the house served the Turkish and British Governors of Jerusalem. The mansion is filled with hints to the luxury it once had: colorful floors tiles, iron rings hanging from the ceiling and used for oil lamps, high style fireplaces as well as ceramic and marble ornaments.  
Open house. Pre-registration NOT required.
The Templar and International Cemetery
41 Emek Refa’im, Hamoshava HaGermanit.
Friday, 19.9, 10:00-14:00; Saturday, 20.9, 10:00-16:00.  
Caretaker Miro Aaharoni will guide the tours and talk about the people buried on the premises, how they arrived to Israel and why. Among them architects Mr. and Mrs. Emberger and John Stanley, who helped to buy ships to help bring Jewish refugees from Europe after World War II.
Open tours. Pre-registration NOT required.
Conservation and Preservation of City Center
Meeting point: next to the Ohel Moshe community center, at Ohel Moshe street.
Saturday, 20.9, 16:00.  
Tour with architect David Guggenheim, designer of the City Center Conservation and Renovation Project, who will talk about the renovation and conservation process of the Mazkeret Moshe, Ohel Moshe, Zichron Tuvya and Nachlat Zion neighborhoods, located between Bezalel st. and Agripas street. The project has become a blueprint for renovation of neighborhoods that represent the essence of ”Jerusalemity”.
Open tour. Pre-registration NOT required.
Armon Hanatziv (High Commissioner) Promenades
Meeting point: The Hess promenade Restaurant, on Roof deck.
Friday, 19.9, 10:00-11:30.  
Accessabile Tour
Architect Shlomo Aharonson, designer of the promenades, will guide the tour, starting at the Hess promenade, proceeding along the ridge road, descending toward Mount of Olives and ending in the Sherover promenade (near Naomi St.).
Open tour. Pre-registration NOT required.
Anglican International School
82 Hanevi’im Street.
Friday, 19.9, 15:00-18:00; Saturday, 20.9, 12:00-15:00.  
Accessabile Tour
Architect: Beresford Pite, 1897.
Come and discover the compound which hides behind a wall in the center of the city - in it you will find a U shaped building dipped in a lush, shaded garden. The building was originally built as a modern hospital by the Anglican Organization, surrounded by a medicinal herbs garden, dedicated for the well-being of its patients. During the War of Independence it “hosted” the Hadassah hospital, and today it is an Anglican school.
Open house. Pre-registration NOT required.
Sigal and Chenchel Benga House
3 Hanotrim Street, Katamon Het.
Friday, 19.9, 17:00-20:00; Saturday, 20/9, 11:00-14:00 and 17:00-19:00.  
Open house in the home of Indian artist Chenchel Benga - who demonstrates use of recycled materials and their transformation into domestic use - such as a ceramic slivers mosaic covered bathroom, studio gallery and seating area, done in an Indian village style. This is a great example of optimistic and entrepreneurial urban rejuvenation at the Katamon neighborhood, and of the use of private space for one’s livelihood.
Open house. Pre-registration NOT required.
Street Front Upgrade at the City Center
Meeting point: Davidka Square, near the Klal building.
Friday, 19.9, 15:00.  
Accessabile Tour
Open tour along Yaffo street, currently undergoing a dramatic face lift. Guided by Sharon Abramson, architect of the Street Front Upgrade Project, led by Eden. This tour is for urban planners and social activists and will examine the complex work process involved in such an urban intervention operation. Ending point: the Ben Shetach pedestrian mall.
Tour runs for approx. 1 hour.
Open tour. Pre-registration NOT required.
Kehilat Yedidya Synagogue
12 Nahum Lifshitz st., Bak’a.
Friday, 19.9, 9:00-12:00.  
Accessabile Tour
Architects: Rosenfeld Arens Architects, 2003.
An opportunity to see how meticulous contemporary architecture serves the ever changing needs of a pluralistic, modern Orthodox community, in a house that doubles as a synagogue and a community center. This structure uses both material conditions in Jerusalem and design requirements, in a sophisticated way - for example - turning the access ramp into an inter-ceremony space, between the gathering hall and the prayer hall (lit by a constructivist glass wall, produced in Israel for the first time).
 Meeting and tour with the architects at 11:00.
Open house. Pre-registration NOT required.
The Ticho House
9 Harav Kook
Friday, 19.9, 12:30.  
Architect: unknown, 1864.
Preservation architect: David Kroyanker, 1984.
Tour with architect David Kroyander in the museum located in the former home of Dr. Ticho and his painter wife, Anna Ticho. Tours will discuss the architectural history of the house, including the reconstruction process, the transformation into a museum (and a branch of the Israel Museum), as well as present day activities.
Open Tour. Pre-registration NOT required.
* Tour limited to 50 guests, on a first come first serve basis.
Agnon House
16 Klausner St.
Friday, 19.9, 12:30,    14:00.  
Accessabile Tour
Architect: Fritz Kornberg, 1931; Conservation architects: Selma Milson-Arad-Avner Simon, 2007-8.
Guided tour in Shmuel Yosef Agnon’s house upon completion of the conservation project and its reopening to the public. The special challenges and complexities of the project as well as dilemmas faced by the design team would be presented by the Ayelet Lieber, the house curator, and Selma Arad-Milson, the conservation architect.
2 tours each limited to 25 PRE-REGISTERED guests.
* Tour runs 1 hour.
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