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The Botanical Garden on Mount Scopus
Meeting place: the main entrance to the garden, across from the Administration Building
Thursday, October 18th, 10:30 and 15:30  
A visit at Israel`s wild plant botanical garden, located on the Hebrew University`s Mount Scopus campus. It was the first university botanicalgarden established in the country, where around 1,000 different types of wild plants are on display. The tours will focus on the garden`s historical, archaeological and botanical aspects, including Nicanor`s Tomb and the gravesites of Pinsker and Ussishkin. Participants will also become familiar with the work done by Ran Morin as part of the garden`s rehabilitation project. The tours will conclude with a visit at the Perahia Nature Studies Center and the Botanical Garden Library, which is named after Shmuel Zvi Toder who was killed in action in 1959 while stationed at the garden.
The hour-long tours will be led by the director of the Botanical Garden, Dr. Mani Neumann, the agronomist, Yaara Hacohen-Plesser, the garden`s curator, Michal Monosov, and the environmental sculptor and planner, Ran Morin.
2 open tours for the first 50 people in line. Reservations not required.
Hebrew Union College
13 David Hamelech St.
Saturday, October 20th, 13:00-16:00   Guided tours for the first 40 people in line will start every hour on the hour;    the last one at 15:00. The tours will last around 30 minutes.  
Come and see Jerusalem architecture at its finest. The campus boasts of a modernist building designed by Heinz Rau and a later wing added by Moshe Safdie. The later wing features a continuum of small structures situated around inner patios, offering their own interpretation of traditional Jerusalem construction. The campus serves a seminary where rabbis, cantors and educators belonging to the Reform Movement in Israel and abroad receive training. It also houses an archaeological museum, a library, and a synagogue that is open on Sabbaths and Jewish holidays.
Open house and open tours. Reservations not required.
The Templer Cemetery
41 Emek Refaim St., German Colony
Friday, October 19th, 10:00-16:00 Saturday, October 20th, 10:00-16:00.    Guided tours will leave from the front gate every hour on the hour.  
Tours led by Miro Aharoni, the caretaker of these two cemeteries concealed behind a high stone wall on Emek Refaim Street. Aharoni will talk about the people who are buried there, how they came to the country, and for what purpose. Among them are an architect couple by the name of Amberger, and John Stanley, who after World War II purchased ships that brought Jewish refugees from Europe to Israel. Tour participants will also be shown the largest fresco in Israel that depicts Biblical stories and is located at the cemetery.
Open tours. Reservations not required.
Bible Lands Museum
21 Stefan Wise St., Museum District (across from the Israel Museum)
Thursday, October 18th, 12:00   Friday, October 19th, 12:00  
Architect: Zeev Sheinberg, 1985
A tour with an architectural emphasis led by Deputy Director of the Museum, the architect Leora Berry. The tour will focus on the building, whose design reflects the idea and message underlying the establishment of the museum. The tour will highlight the architectural qualities originating from countries of the ancient East, which are incorporated in the museum`s modernist façade, as well as models from the museum`s collection that illustrate ancient construction techniques and the philosophies and beliefs associated with architectural elements that appear on ancient artifacts. The tour will also include a talk about the new exhibition "Out of the Blue."
Advance reservations required; each of the 2 tours is limited to 30 participants.
The Community Garden
The garden can be accessed via the gate in the parking lot on Hamagid St.
Saturday, October 20th, 10:00-14:00.   Hour-long guided tours will start at 10:00, 12:30 and 13:30.   At 11:00 – there will be a lecture by Prof. Ariel Hirschfeld.  
A visit at one of the leading community gardens in Israel, which also serves as a center for all the 70 community gardens in Jerusalem and for community activities dealing with sustainability, urban agriculture and other topics. It features a 150-year-old restored orchard, a wealth of fruit trees and grapevines, spice plants, vegetable beds, and plants that attract butterflies and birds. In addition, there are ponds for fish and amphibians as well as an old and rare ornamental pool. The garden also has an on-site demonstration site for household farming, a neighborhood compost recycling center, a community gathering place and a rehabilitative nursery. During the tours, the people active in the garden will talk about the projects they initiated there, including a demonstration center where guests are shown how edible plants are grown on the roof of an ancient water cistern, the restoration of the old ornamental pool and the manufacture of various products out of spice plants. At 11:00, there will be a lecture by Prof. Ariel Hirschfeld from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, who will talk about the children`s songs written by Hayyim Nahman Bialik, who was known for his love for gardens and gardening.
Open garden. Reservations not required.
The Jerusalem House of Quality
12 Derech Hevron
Thursday, October 18th, 10:00-18:00 Friday, October 19th, 10:00-17:00    Saturday, October 20th, 10:00-18:00.   Guided tours will start every hour on the hour until 17:00   on Thursday and Saturday and until 16:00 on Friday.  
Architect: Clifford Holliday, 1925
Tours of this historical building which overlooks the Old City walls and Mount Zion. It was once an annex of the St. John Eye Hospital that was run by an order of British knights (now the Mount Zion Hotel). The tours will recount the annals of the building, including the courtyard designed like an Arab inn with its fountain, the room decorated with 90-year-old original Armenian tiles and crests of Scottish aristocracy. Tour participants will also visit the studios of the artisans working there today, who will demonstrate ancient and modern jewelry-making techniques. The tours will conclude with a guided view of the Old City walls and the Yemin Moshe neighborhood from the building`s rooftop.
Open house. Reservations not required.     
Kehilat Har-El House
16 Shmuel HaNagid St.
Thursday, October 18th, 17:00-20:00 Saturday, October 20th, 14:00-17:00;   brief guided tours will start every hour  
A visit at a stone building that was constructed in stages starting at the end of the 19th century. It was where the family of Josef Pascal Albina lived, who was a Christian Arab developer and businessman who built a number of famous buildings in Jerusalem, including the YMCA, King David Hotel, the legendary Rex Cinema and the old post office on Jaffa Road. The compound is also known as Churchill House because in 1941 it was a guesthouse for British soldiers. The lower section of the building has served as the Kehilat Har-El Reform synagogue since 1962. The visit also includes a look at the at the building`s original heating system room.
Please note: access to the heating system room is via narrow and steep stairs.
Open house. Reservations not required.
In the Footsteps of American Colony Photographers
23 Hutsot HaYotser
Friday, October 19th, 9:30-13:30  
This special photography workshop will trace the techniques and subjects of architectural photographs taken of Jerusalem and will attempt to recreate them. The workshop, led by Yaal Herman who is a professional photographer and workshop facilitator, will consist of three parts: the first – will present the old photographs and provide a brief explanation about them and the techniques used to take them; the second – will involve a short photography stint in the field; and the third – will be a wrap-up session where the photographs taken by the workshop participants will be displayed. The third part will also include a brief historical review of the American Colony in Jerusalem, combined with tips and techniques dealing with photo processing. Participants should come equipped with their own camera (or smartphone) and are also advised to bring a tripod and a wide-angle lens.
Advance reservations required; the workshop is limited to 22 participants.
The Isaac Kaplan Old Yishuv Court Museum
6 Or HaChaim St., Jewish Quarter, the Old City
Friday, October 19th, 10:00-13:00  
The museum is located in a 500-year-old building in the Jewish Quarter and is one of two ancient courtyard homes that are still intact in the Jewish Quarter. The museum documents how people lived in the Old Yishuv in Jerusalem prior to the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948. An exhibition currently on display at the museum, called Blues for the Men in Blue, focuses on the Jewish policemen who served in the British Mandate police force in the Jewish Quarter between 1918 and 1948. The permanent exhibition features tools, clothing and various artifacts associated with the occupations that the Quarter`s residents were engaged in at the end of the 19th century.
Open tours for the first 30 people in line. Reservations not required.
The Yemenite Wadi
Meeting place: the old Castel Square parking lot, Ein Kerem
Friday, October 19th, 10:00  
An opportunity to discover a hidden gem and hear the story about the new immigrants from Yemen who settled in this Ein Kerem wadi in 1948. The 90-minute tour will be led by Efrat Giat, an Ein Kerem resident, who will talk about this neighborhood built on the terraces of Mount Herzl and its plain stone farmhouses, many of which still remain unchanged. The tour will end at the community garden established in the wadi by Ein Kerem residents, who are grappling with construction plans that threaten to compromise the character of the neighborhood.
Open tour. Reservations not required.
Old and New on Safra Square
Safra Square, Concrete Cushions complex, next to the entrance to Building 3
Thursday, October 18th, 12:00 (tour in Hebrew)   and 16:00 (tours in Hebrew and English)  
Architects: Jack A. Diamond; Kolker-Kolker-Epstein; Preservation architect: Peter Bogod, 1992
A tour of the Safra Square campus and its historical buildings which have been adapted to contemporary use: the old City Hall building that dates back to the British Mandate period the Barclays Bank vault and the former Russian hospital. The 90-minute tours will conclude with a breathtaking view of Zahal Square.
3 open tours for the first 40 people in line. Reservations not required.
For more information: Jerusalem Municipality Visitor Center, 02-629-5363
Jerusalem Artists House
12 Shmuel HaNagid St.
Friday, October 19th, 11:00  
A tour with the guide, Nir Ortal, dealing with the history of the building, which was constructed by the Ottomans in 1890 as an orphanage. It was purchased in 1908 by the Jewish National Fund for the Bezalel School of Arts and Crafts, which was founded by Boris Schatz (who lived across the street). It was converted into a museum in 1925 and remained as such until the Israel Museum was built, at which time its collections were transferred and formed the core of the Israel Museum`s collections. Since the middle of the 1960`s, the building has housed the Association of Jerusalem Artists and Sculptors.
The ground floor features an exhibition of historic works dating back to the Bezalel period (Ze`ev Raban, Haviv Sasson) as well as an interactive display.
Open tour. Reservations not required.
The Anglican International School
82 HaNevi`im St.
Saturday, October 20th, 10:00-16:00  
Architect: Arthur Beresford Pite (England), 1897
Come and discover this compound concealed behind a wall in downtown Jerusalem, which features a horseshoe-shaped building immersed in a shaded garden. Originally constructed as a modern hospital by the London Society, the building is surrounded by a sprawling garden where medicinal herbs were grown and patients could quietly convalesce. During the War of Independence, the building served as a temporary facility for Hadassah Hospital and is now an Anglican school. The tours will start with a brief presentation about the history of the building. Tours limited to 25 participants will start every hour on the hour until 16:00. Independent tours of the compound will not be possible.
Tours for the first 25 people in line. Reservations not required.
Christ Church Guesthouse
Next to Jaffa Gate, across from the Tower of David
Thursday, October 18th, 10;00-16:00 Friday, October 19th, 10:00-16:00   Saturday, October 20th, 10:00-16:00  
Architect: James Wood Johns, 1849
Guided tours of the oldest Protestant church in the Middle East, which contains Jewish motifs and is concealed within a guesthouse compound. Expert stonecutters from Malta were commissioned to build the church, whose techniques were used by future generations of stonecutters in Jerusalem. The tours will also include the small on-site museum, where original models designed by Conrad Schick are on display, as well as the library. Guided tours in Hebrew and English will start every 30 minutes until 16:00.
Open house and open tours. Reservations not required.
The Van Leer Institute and Polonsky Academy
43 Jabotinsky St., Talbieh
Friday, October 19th, 11:00  
Campus and original building architects: Reznik Architects and Powsner Architects, the 1960`s; New construction blueprint and Polonsky Academy architects: Chyutin Architects, 2014
A tour with the architect, Bracha Chyutin, who made the blueprint for the new construction at the Van Leer Complex and designed the Polonsky Academy. For this and other groundbreaking projects, her firm, Chyutin Architects, was awarded a lifetime achievement award for excellence in architecture in 2018.
The tour will start with a brief lecture about the project, which won an architecture competition in 2008. During the 90-minute lecture and tour, Chyutin will talk about the new construction plan and the contemporary style academy that incorporate cutting-edge building techniques, but also manage to blend in harmoniously with the previous group of buildings on campus. 
The lecture will be held in the Van Leer Auditorium at the entrance to the Institute.
Open lecture and open tour. Reservations not required.
Arab Katamon
27 Hizkiyahu Hamelech St.
Friday, October 19th, 15:00  
Gideon Shilo, a tour guide who translated the diaries of Khalil Al-Sakakini – a Palestinian educator who lived in Jerusalem in the first half of the 20th century – leads this 90-minute tour. He will trace the Arab neighborhood of Katamon as it was during the British Mandate period, based on accounts provided by Al-Sakakini and his neighbors. In the book entitled This is the Way I Am Gentlemen – A Diary of Khalil Al-Sakakini – the author describes the construction of his own home in the 1930`s (currently 8 Yordei Hasira Street) and offers a glimpse of life in Katamon until 1948. Shilo will focus on the vicinity of Yordei Hasira Street and also talk about the restoration of some buildings in the neighborhood.
Advance reservations required; the tour is limited to 50 participants.
The First Station
4 David Remez St., the main entrance to the station
Saturday, October 20th, 8:00 and 9:15  
Preservation architects: E. Ziv Architects and Moshe Shapira; a project carried out in cooperation with the Jerusalem Development Authority
Tours with Nurit Basel at the old Ottoman train station complex, which following restoration and preservation works has now become a cultural and recreational venue. The tours will recount the history of the train station, whose construction was commissioned by Yosef Navon Bey and built by a French company in 1892. It operated as a train station uninterruptedly until the 1990`s, after which it was looted and burnt down. The hour-long tours will focus on the history of the site and the folklore that has been associated with it over the years.
2 open tours. Reservations not required.
Nurit Basel`s website: www.nuritb.com
Mitzpeh Naftoah Nature and Heritage Park
Derech HaHoresh, Ramot "B" (Waze: Gan Hakipod, Jerusalem)
Friday, October 19th, 13:00  
A circle tour of the Mitzpeh Naftoah – a unique nature site located at the entrance to Jerusalem - led by guides from the Ramot for the Environment Association. The two-hour tour will talk about the area, which is a natural habitat for hundreds of species of animals and plants (including a large herd of Israeli deer, a species facing extinction worldwide). It also serves as an ecological corridor and vital green lung in north Jerusalem. The tour will also describe the campaign being waged by the Association and its activists against public and private developers in order to conserve Mitzpeh Naftoah, which was ranked the most important nature site in Jerusalem by the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel. The plan for conserving the site as a nature and heritage park, which was submitted by the Association together with the Community Administration and JNF, will also be discussed.
Open tour. Reservations not required.
The YMCA Field with Hapoel Katamon
Meeting place: the entrance to the YMCA, 26 David HaMelech St.
Friday, October 19th, 10:00 Saturday, October 20th, 16:00  
The legendary YMCA soccer field – a heritage site in the eyes of every soccer fan – is also an intensive urban space that is home to community life and real estate development processes. The 90-minute tour, led by the Training Department of Hapoel Katamon Jerusalem, will talk about all of the above as well as the unique folklore associated with local soccer, the social struggles, the politics, and the songs sung by fans.
2 open tours. Reservations not required.
Inbal Hotel
3 Jabotinsky St.
Thursday, October 18th, 15:00 and 16:30  
Architect: Yacov Rechter, 1983; Addition and renovated building architect: Michael Schwartz & Associates, 2011-2018; Interior design: Michael Azulay, Michael Schwartz & Associates
Tours of this iconic building designed by the late Yacov Rechter, a recipient of the Israel Prize for architecture, which exemplifies a modern interpretation of traditional Jerusalem architecture. Led by the architect Michael Schwartz, the tours will explain how the architectural language created by Rechter has also been incorporated in both the new and recently renovated sections of the hotel, which include interior and exterior common areas and a new two-story wing consisting of 52 rooms and suites. The tours will conclude with a breathtaking view of the Old City from the hotel`s business lounge on the seventh floor.
2 open tours for the first 20 people in line. Reservations not required.
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